With an expected world population of 9 billion people in 2050, the global need for Food, Feed, Fibre and Fuel has become a matter of high political concern.

In order to satisfy the ever increasing needs of “the four Fs”, there will be a progressively severe competition for limited land and water resources.

This will be highlighted from four different perspectives:
· Agricultural policies over the past 40 years – three cases (Speakers: Alan Swinbank, UK; Bill Winders, USA; Philipp Aerni, Switzerland. Moderator: Mats Morell, Sweden)
· Opportunities and challenges for farmers, researchers and business in the agricultural sector (Speakers: Robert Thomson, USA; John Pickett, UK; Marit Paulsen, Sweden; Elisabeth Gauffin, Sweden. Moderator: Bo Andersson, Sweden)
· Opportunities and challenges in the forestry sector (Speakers: Sten Nilsson, Swede; August Temu, Kenya; Jintao Xu, China; Jan-Erik Nylund, Sweden. Moderator: Björn Lundgren, Sweden)
· From knowing to acting – paths to a sustainable future (Speakers: Jacques Diouf, Senegal; Paul Alan Cox, USA; Susan Baker, UK. Moderator: Johan Kuylenstierna, Sweden)

Date and time: Tuesday January 29 and Wednesday 30 January 09.30–17.00 (it is possible to participate only one of the days)

Venue: Norra Latin City Conference Center, entrance Barnhusgatan 7 B, Stockholm

Registration: No later than January 21, 2013

Fee: Free of charge, but SEK 500 will be invoiced if cancellation is made after 25 January, 2013
Web: The symposium will be webcast, find link at www.ksla.se