The Good Soil, a non-profit association, was founded in 2005 by initiative of the late miller master at Berte Qvarn, Anders Stenström.

We convey knowledge about the importance of arable land to future generations’ production of food and energy. The association works for protecting arable land from being destroyed for all future. To preserve arable land represents sustainable development!

The Soil we inherited – A forgotten resource?

Arable land is a unique and limited natural resource. It forms the basis for our food production, civilisation and future for mankind. Despite this, arable land is used for other purposes. Many Swedish municipalities value business establishments, shopping centers and roads higher than arable land. Around 44% of the Scanian municipalities’ development plans are located on the most fertile agricultural land. Land classified as one of the world’s best is buried under asphalt and concrete.

The film ‘The Soil we inherited – A forgotten resource?’ illustrates the large problem that we stand in front of if we continue to exploit arable land. Municipalities interpretation of legal texts, in their pursuit for new developments, affect the food supply for future generations. It also includes the loss of an important resource in mitigating the greenhouse gas effect.

A film commissioned by ‘Den Goda Jorden’ (‘the Good Soil’), a non-profit organization. (,,, and produced by Tina-Marie Qwiberg. The film was financed through contributions from The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s fund for environmental non-profit organisations 2020.


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