New publication: The global need for food, fibre and fuel KSLAT 4-2012

Land use perspectives on constraints and opportunities in meeting future demand.

With an expected world population of 9 billion people in 2050, the global need for Food, Fibre and Fuel has become a matter of high political concern. Beyond 2030 the production of ”the three F’s” is expected to compete for limited land and water resources. The response to this is largely to increase productivity on land already under cultivation and to expand cultivated areas – with ecological, economic and social consequences as well as greenhouse gas emissions as a result. The overall question is how to manage land and water to meet the demands while at the same time protecting the natural ecosystems that sustain life on the planet. Cross-sectoral policies, efficient use of existing resources and capacity building are some of the necessary strategies to do this, but the question of how to translate strategies into action remains to be answered.

Some of the world’s foremost experts in the various fields concerning food, fibre and fuel discussed this topic from a land use perspective at two seminars arranged by the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry in 2011. This publication serves as a valuable summary of the presentations and comments made during the seminars. A list of recent articles and reports of relevance to the subject of matter is included.

Author: Lisa Holmgren. 96 pages. ISBN 978-91-86573-25-6.

Click for more information and pdf.


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